Our team of on-shore, expert accountants ensure that your clients’ SMSFs are operating in compliance with Australian law.


With Superannuation laws changing frequently it can be difficult and time consuming to ensure a Fund is operating in line with current legislation. With heavy ATO regulations there are many responsibilities and obligations for each trustee to comply with according to legislative requirements. 

Our experienced team understand these regulations inside and out, and can rectify any potential compliance issues within an SMSF. We’re also aware of and closely follow any changes to the laws surrounding these funds so that we can be prepared ahead of time to ensure your clients’ funds are always up to date. 

Occasionally, a breach can occur which is why we work closely with you and your clients to develop complete strategies to ensure the problem is dealt with efficiently. When a worst case scenario breach occurs, it means that your clients’ SMSF may stop operating, directors could be banned and financial penalties can apply. 

To ensure compliance in your clients’ SMSFs, give us a call on 1300 392 544 or get in touch online.

If you’re looking to have your self-managed super fund set up or managed directly, please check out our SMSF Direct Services